I Like Candy


Marks & Spencer’s next season have lots of fashion delights.
One of them is this cute, candy inspired bag.
It reminded me firstly of Unique for Topshop SS10 and also Mary Poppin’s references epically Bert’s jacket and the wholesome image the film conveys.

Marks & Spencer


candy fashion,unique


  1. Kayleigh, I was on the beach the whole past week so I couldn't be able to comment you back soon, well... about the timer thing, I actually prefer when somebody else is taking me the pictures, but if I have time and I'm in the mood to take some pictures of myself with my clothes, I don't have any problem using timer, but once again, I think is better if you have someone else doing the job.

    Good luck in london, it must be GREAT!

    love the candy stripe bag, it's lovely!

  2. great blog as well!

    Love mag is great, it only comes out twice yearly, but is full of interviews and photoshoots with influential and creative people in the fashion/film/music industry...a really good read :)



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