AW10 Trend: Peasant


Recession seems to be affecting the world of Fashion in more then one way. Not only have we lost (hopefully not forever) some amazing brands like Luella. It also seems to of influenced many of the AW10 collections, which sees designers taking inspiration from past purse friendly options, including peasant fashion. It represents a powerful woman with a future rustic look.

Muse: Kate Moss, British, beautiful but with a rough, raw edge.

This trend embodies elements of folk, rock and historic fashion. The main element is the clothes have a story to tell, they give the impression they have had a life already.
The whole look is layered, dishevelled and distressed; it incorporates faded prints, chunky knits and homemade qualities. The garments are protective, cosy and built to resist but have a vintage worn feel to them.

Key pieces : Folk waistcoats, knot scarves, clogs, sturdy boots.

Accessories: Patchwork trimmings, historical references, highly decorative, Union Jack motif.

Colour Palette: Vegetable colours, dark hues, metallics, nudes and chalky whites.

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