Happy Chocolate Demolishing Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

Hey, I hope your all having a fab Easter. I went on an easter hunt with two little trouble makers, which was alot of fun but I now am worn out and just want to snuggle up and watch a movie with popcorn.

P.S. How cute is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Louis Vuitton bunny ears?!?!

Chloe & Libby, Little Miss Troublemakers


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments :)

    I really like your daughters' hats!! did you make them ?! I wanna get some for my kids too :P

  2. hey thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm not quitting blogs altogether, but I feel that I will be ending fashion labyrinth. I will be starting a new blog in a few weeks time :) I think it's great that you work in p.r. I also want to work in p.r :) I will keep you updated on news of my new blog :)

  3. great photos girl. yeah, I agree, those bunny ears are cute :)


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