DimitySO – Pretty, comfortable, alluring underwear for girls D-J!

While shopping for some PJ’s in John Lewis the other day (as you do) I noticed some very pretty, desirable underwear from a brand called DimitySO, stocking sizes D-J only – perfect!
Finding underwear that is comfortable, supportive and looks and makes you feel gorgeous when you are bigger then a size D in the bra arena is no easy task.  It usually takes armfuls of bras into the changing room, grabbing bras that don’t fit and trying to squeeze into them because they are pretty, getting frustrated and in the end leaving with nothing.

So coming across this brand was a bit like finding treasure :) As they only make them for larger boobs the cut and shape of the bras feel like they were made to measure for me. Also BONUS: I don’t look like a grandma, I look like me with slightly more confidence knowing I’m wearing beautiful underwear. 

What do you think of them?


  1. congrats on finding bras that work for you!

  2. Thank you for following my Tweets! I tweeted your blog post! GREAT BLOG!

  3. those underwear are really cool!
    i am following here! check my blog!

  4. I hav big boobs too, so I know the frustration on finding cute, comfy bras! These are all adorable! I want them all :)


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