My Favourite Lipstick - Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibrations

My favourite lipstick: Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibrations
Do you have a favourite pick me up beauty product? 

I do... It's the Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibrations lipstick. 

It's my ultimate favourite lipstick, I always come back to it time after time. It’s a velvety, smooth, creamy lipstick shade with a semi-matte finish

The lipstick doesn't last all day long, but...

.... but it stays on for quite a few hours without requiring a touch up, it's also very moisturising which makes it a really luscious shade to wear all day. 

Surprisingly the lipstick is also quite diversible as you can put on varying amounts to create different looks. 

You can dab on a little to keep your look safe but with a touch of colour, you can go full on like I have in the photos above or I also love mixing it with a bit of dark red/ burgundy Chanel lipgloss to give it a darker tone which is perfect for a night out. 

What is your favourite lipstick? Tell me in the comments section. 

Love Kayleigh x 
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  1. That's a gorgeous colour on you.
    Your make-up looks so pretty.


  2. I love it, can you take a look at my blog and maybe follow me? i follow back everyone.

  3. I love the colour! I used to have a lipstick in this shade and annoyingly lost it. I want it back! :)
    Mia x

    1. Oooh that's so annoying when that happens. It's a defo must buy :) x

  4. I don't have a favourite lippy, I am a make-up whore!! I try lots of different things but usually don't repurchase as I find some other lovely product to spend my pennies on next. I do like the colour of this though!


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