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At Covent Garden

Christmas is coming! 

It's official, Christmas is nearly here. 

I went to Covent Garden this week to meet up with my beautiful sister for tea at Bill's in St Martin's Courtyard (you have to go- the food is scrumptious!) 

Afterwards we went for a little walk around the festive stalls at Covent Garden. 

Click read more to see what I wore and some photos of Covent Garden.....

H&M Lana Del Rey Dress & H&M Leopard Print Coat, outside Bills in Covent Garden
Topshop bug necklace
Covent Garden Christmas Tree 2012
Covent Garden, Christmas Baubles 2012

What I wore:
H&M Leopard Print Coat
H&M Lana Del Rey Dress
H&M Fringed Black Bag
M&S Limited Collection Boots
Topshop Bug Necklace
Pearl Headband - worn as necklace. 

Kayleigh xx


  1. Love love love Covent Garden. Have you ever eaten in The Crusty Pipe (terrible name!) in the Courtyard? The food is fab!

    Love the baubles!

    1. Hey Kay,
      I haven't, I definitely will check it out though now you've said it's fab. I live in London so visit Covent Garden quite regularly. Are you from London?

      K x

    2. Make sure you do! It's a bizarre name but the story goes it used to be a pipe (the smoking variety) shop! My family are from London originally but we've been based in the west country for ages, I've been down this way since I was a wee tot!

  2. ohhh I've been in London last year in december, it was simply amazing! this time, I'm gonna be there in January : SALES ahahaha

    1. The January sales are amazing in London. My favourite is the Zara sale x

    2. but I have Zara also here in Rome...I was thinking to something different, that I can buy just in london; I don't know, maybe Topshop, Primark, Boots :)any other suggestions?

    3. Not sure if you have them in Rome but Forever 21, Oasis and New Look are worth checking out. You can't go wrong with Oxford Street, although it's always busy at sale time. x

    4. I have none of them here in Rome, so I will surely check them out when I'm gonna be there. And for beauty? Boots and Superdrug?

    5. Yes, definitely. Check out Debenhams and House of Fraser also, they are department stores and house lot's of brands. x

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