Mani Monday - Golden Nail Wraps

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Mani Monday - Gold Primark Nail Wraps - Nail art - £1
I recently picked up lots of pretty nail wraps in Primark, for the bargain price of £1 a pack! You get 20 different size nail wraps in each pack so you can do your toes and fingernails. I only did my fingernails and kept the rest of the pack for 'top-ups'. The wrap is very thin so it can take a few attempts to get right but once you have them on they are very easy to shape. They're not the longest lasting nail wraps in the world but they are pretty, cheap and colourful.

I got so many compliments on them when wearing them, they definitely make an impact and are perfect for a glam night out!

Kayleigh xx

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  1. Fab price at £1 a pop! I'm rubbish with nail wraps but these are so cheap I might give them a go :) Nails look lovely by the way ;)


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